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The city of Macon is a city with diverse cultures, architecture, and historical roots in music and art. It is a city that houses many magnificent venues, including the Hay House and the Grand Opera House. The most notable event held annually in Macon is the International Cherry Blossom Festival, where many people gather across the world to view the beautiful cherry blossom trees while enjoying art crawls, parades, and even a fireworks show during its duration.

For grand festivities, having the perfect decor pieces is a great way to put it together. What better way to rent out vibrant Macon balloon garlands than to rent them out from Macon Balloon Decor Service? As a highly recommended rental balloon decor company in Macon by our current clients, our services offer carefully crafted Macon balloon garlands for your traditional christenings or bar/bat mitzvahs to contemporary corporate parties and weddings here in Macon!

Our Services

Our Macon-based balloon artists are here to work alongside you in designing your balloon garlands, suitable for all kinds of events being held in the city. By working with us, you and our balloon artists will undergo a two-step process to determine certain characteristics of your custom-made Macon balloon garlands. This procedure is easy to follow and our balloon artists are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have during the process. To start things off, our team will ask you to choose the arrangement for your Macon balloon garlands.

These arrangements come in the form of either a Macon full arch or a Macon half arch garland. Afterward, our Macon balloon artists will provide you with a catalog to start selecting your balloon colors. This catalog contains over 20+ hues of tones to choose from, with combinations like silver and purple for a corporate party and a pastel blue and pink palette for a gender reveal party. In this step, you can pick up to four colors for your balloon garlands. Once these steps are finished, our team will process your order and begin creating your Macon balloon garlands. When completed, we will deliver the Macon balloon garlands to your venue with our free delivery service! The prices for either a Macon full arch garland or a Macon half arch garland, are rented out for $199. Installment plans are provided for the convenience of you and our other clients!

Balloon Full Arch Macon – The Macon balloon full arch garland is a convenient Macon balloon decor piece that will be sure to catch the attention of all your guests in the event in Macon. These Macon full arch garlands stand tall at 24 ft in size and are beautifully designed with your colored balloons in varying sizes. Places to position your Macon full arch garlands include your main areas, specifically a wedding altar, the sides of a dance floor, a backdrop, and any main entrance to the Macon event.

Balloon Half Arch Macon – These Macon balloon half arch garlands are great to have as not only decor pieces, but directory pieces as well. Because they are adjustable between sizes of 6ft to 16 ft, the Macon balloon half arch garlands are great at highlighting minor spots in the event, leading guests to find spots like a banner, photo booth or present stand to facilities like the entrance to a stage or a bar.

Other Event and Decor Rental Services in Macon

In addition to balloon decor, we also offer 3 other party and event decor rental services in Macon; marquee letters rentals, photo booth rentals and flower wall rentals.

Flower Wall Rental Macon:

  • Flower wall backdrops Macon are 8×8 feet
  • Hydrangea, roses, and green boxwood
  • Make with silk flowers
  • Our clients often rent these as flower Macon wedding decor

    Photo Booth Rentals Macon:

    • Unlimited 4×6 Prints during the event and digital photos
    • Photo booth backdrop Macon of your choice
    • The Macon photo booth rental includes 2 hours of operating time + 1 hour setup time but can be extended longer

      Marquee Letter Rentals Macon:

      • Great for parties, birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers
      • Comes in 2 options; with lights or without
      • The Macon marquee lights for rent are 44” tall. We also have marquee table letters and giant block letters in Macon that are 30’ tall.

        Why Order from Balloon Decor Service in Macon

        Macon Balloon Decor Service is a leading rental balloon decor company in Macon, which is filled with our friendly Macon balloon artists who are talented in the craft of balloon decor. Our high-quality Macon balloon garlands have been accredited as a beloved decor piece by many of our current clients for their vibrancy and how they complement the other decorations our clients have gotten for their events.

        Because of our dedication to Macon balloon decor, we aim to effectively communicate with both you and our clients in working on the Macon balloon garlands as we believe everyone should have a say in how they want their decor pieces to look and do not want to restrict our client’s preferences in any way. We hope to hear from you soon and assist you with your event here in Macon, with our Macon balloon garlands. Feel free to contact us any time for any questions or inquiries you have for us!