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 With so much high reputation of aviation and historical significance surrounding the city, it brings so many options to choose for a venue. Having trouble setting up the atmosphere for an event at a selected venue? No worries, the Dayton Balloon Service Decor has got your back with a wide selection of options to customize balloon arch garlands, fitting to your desired event. Whether it is a corporate party by the Dayton Aviation Heritage Historical Park to even an art showcase at the Dayton Art Institute.

Balloon Service Decor in Dayton is the top rental balloon company to provide spectacular decor pieces to the event you are holding for that day. We are a company who can craft our decor to any celebrations of weddings, birthday parties, proms, gender reveals and much more in Dayton!

Our Services

Our team at Balloon Decor Service Dayton provides you the opportunity to spice up the event in amazement. Also Our artists of professional balloon artists are here to serve you with any of your balloon decor wishes. By working with us as a client, you will be directing our team to customize the most appropriate balloon arch garlands that meet your standards of a perfect event. You have the option of choosing up to 4 of over 20 different premium colours for your balloons and the desired sizes as well. These could include an array of white, gold and pink for a Sweet 16 party to a pastel blue and pink for a gender reveal party. After picking your palette, you are also able to choose two different set-ups for our balloons in either a Dayton balloon full or Dayton half arch garland. The Dayton balloon decor pieces themselves are charged at $199 for rent, plus delivery. Installations are available for easier payments. 

Balloon Full Arch Dayton – Considered a beloved favorite in Dayton, a balloon full arch garland is an outstanding decor for alongside any entryway or even as a main decoration piece by the dance floor. The arch stands at 24 ft, surrounded by the palette of colours and sizes of balloons you have chosen. Our team of Dayton balloon artists are able to cater the Dayton balloon garlands to high school events including proms to traditional celebrations such as bar/ bat mitzvahs and quinceaneras in Dayton. 

Balloon Half Arch Dayton – This Dayton half arch garland is another desired piece to have at events in Dayton. Each one measures between 6 to 16 ft in size, making it perfect to be transported to any area of a venue. Our Dayton Balloon Decor Service team suggests that these Dayton balloon half arch garlands may enhance areas such as a colorful backdrop and beside the end of a grand staircase. Not to mention, they are perfect to pose with in photos alongside family, friends and coworkers alike.

Other Event and Decor Rental Services in Dayton

In addition to balloon decor, we also offer 3 other party and event decor rental services in Dayton; marquee letters rentals, photo booth rentals and flower wall rentals.

Flower Wall Rental Dayton:

  • Flower wall backdrops Dayton are 8×8 feet
  • Hydrangea, roses, and green boxwood
  • Make with silk flowers
  • Our clients often rent these as flower Dayton wedding decor

    Photo Booth Rentals Dayton:

    • Unlimited 4×6 Prints during the event and digital photos
    • Photo booth backdrop Dayton of your choice
    • The Dayton photo booth rental includes 2 hours of operating time + 1 hour setup time but can be extended longer

      Marquee Letter Rentals Dayton:

      • Great for parties, birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers
      • Comes in 2 options; with lights or without
      • The Dayton marquee lights for rent are 44” tall. We also have marquee table letters and giant block letters in Dayton that are 30’ tall.

        Why Order from Balloon Decor Service in Dayton

        At the Dayton Balloon Decor Service, we are a highly motivated team of Dayton based balloon artists who are devoted to meeting up to your expectations in balloon decor for your planned event. We would like to enlighten your guests and enhance your event with our freely customizable Dayton balloon decor pieces in Dayton. As a team, we will be proud to serve you with any of our expertise in balloon decor in Dayton. Feel free to contact us to arrange an order or for any questions regarding our company in Dayton!