Amazing Event Decor in Miami

Monday February 8, 2021 | Balloon Decor Services | Event Decor Rentals

Miami is one of the most beautiful cities in all of America. The amazing weather and scenery make Miami a prime destination for vacation and events. Whether you are travelling to Miami or you live your everyday life here, you may be in the market for event decor. Our company, Balloon Decor Service  provides event decor rentals in Miami. We have a variety of amazing event rentals to help you decorate your next event. We can provide your event with everything from balloons to photo booths. Let’s take a look at our amazing event decor in Miami!

Balloon Rentals in Miami

We love balloons here at Balloon Decor Service, but these aren’t your standard, run of the mill balloons. Our balloon artists carefully craft each arrangement using a variety of balloons in different sizes and colors. You don’t have to worry about hiding any strings with our balloon arrangements. Each arrangement we create can be freestanding or attached to a surface. This really allows you to get creative with your balloon placement. You can turn walls, entrance ways and so many different spots into beautiful event scenes at your event. Balloons are one of the best event decor rentals in Miami that you can get.

Event Decor Rentals in Miami

Flower Walls in Miami

Flower walls are lovely pieces of event decor rentals in Miami to have at an event. Our flower walls stand at 8 by 8 feet and are crafted with premium silk flowers. Flower walls are perfect for pictures as they are excellent backdrops. We offer a variety of flower walls in different colors to help match the theme of your event. These colors include white, pink, red, purple, mixed and boxwood flower wall rental options. If you are unsure about which flower wall to get, we recommend the green boxwood flower wall. The natural hedge look of this wall works great at any event and allows for so much customization.

Event Decor Rentals in Miami

Marquee Letters in Miami

Marquee letters are great decor pieces to have on display at your event. Our letters with lights are perfect for any event. You can get any set of letters or numbers that fits your event and have them on display during the event. Our marquee letters stand at 4 feet tall and feature soft white lights on the inside. The lights allow the letters to shine and make them visible to the entire room. We highly recommend our letter with lights if you are having an event in darker lighting, as the results are unbelievable! Check out this amazing event decor rentals in Miami in the photo below.

Event Decor Rentals in Miami

Photo Booths in Miami

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth picture? It always seems to bring out the smile and wacky side of everyone. Photo booths are a great piece of decor to have at your event if you want to keep things fun throughout the night. Each one of our photo booth rentals is 2 hours (additional hours available for purchase) and includes all of the amazing features:

  • Unlimited 4×6 Prints during event + share to social media
  • Digital copies of photo booth pictures
  • On-site attendant during the event
  • Live view and touch screen photo booth
  • Email sharing of pictures
  • Lots of fun photo booth props provided for guests!
  • Photo booth backdrop colour of your choice (navy/gold/rose gold/purple/silver)
  • Equipment includes everything needed to operate: HD DSLR camera, state of the art printer, flash, backdrop and stand, table for props.
  • The rental includes 2 hours of operating time + 1 hour setup time. Additional hours are $50/hour.
Event Decor Rentals in Miami

Our team will arrive 1 hour early to ensure everything is set up and ready for all of those amazing pictures.

Getting Event Decor Rentals in Miami

If you are looking to rent any of these amazing pieces of decor in Miami, reach out to us at Balloon Decor Service. You can contact us 1 (855) 759-0249 or We have an experienced and friendly team that will help out with all of your event rental needs.

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